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What is the guarantee that there will not be a coup attempt in Turkey in 2043, even if it happens what will be the reason of its failure? There is no importance of 2043 in this question. I just want to ponder a little about what we are not in today's political conditions and what might be in a concept we do not know. As a generation that has experienced the July 15th coup attempt, history gives us the responsibility to take measures to prevent it from happening again.

With that July 15th coup attempt, we have about 5 months between us now. As a nation, we declared a state of emergency (SOE) during this time period, we have held the Supreme Military Council Meeting, we have made thousands of arrests, we have closed the Military High Schools and decided to open the National Defense University, we have organized the many SOE decree and fired officers from state (more than hundred thousand), and we tied up Gendarmerie to the Ministry of Interior. However unfortunately unchanging reality come in front of us, and that fact is that as a state we reacting panicky. It is a behavior and mood that is not at all worthy of a power that boasts of proactive policy throughout a long slice of power. Although nobody make the sentence with using proactive word since Ahmet Davutoğlu was taken from the Prime Ministry, it is a separate writing topic.

What will happen when the year 2043 came if Turkey has a PM who is not a charismatic leader like Tayyip Erdogan and at the same time a general charged in Chief of the General Staff who does not sit in the profile of Hulusi Akar Pasha? When a charismatic leader like Erdogan is not leading the country and if the nation does not want to fall into the streets, who will stop a coup attempt when it comes from a Chief of the General Staff, a junta from the army, or an X-community? Who will protect the government chosen by the national will?

My response is that the current situation and the Republic of Turkey in 2043 will not be able to get rid of the coup d'etat.

Perhaps now, a profile that has been pushed out of society and not seen love is waiting for the National Defense University to open in the future.

Perhaps now, the low-ranking officers who are on duty are secretly brainstorming for next coup attempt.

Perhaps now, the X community is preparing plans to infiltrate various levels of the state.

Who knows?

Since July 15th, which measures will prevent a new coup attempt? What did we really should do?

It is certain that a country governed by "Advanced Democracy" needs to take more serious measures to prevent coups and to get rid of interruption of its democracy. With serious measures, of course, I mean legal regulations. We have to be a country in which the principle of separation of powers is present and active, where different political ideas and opinions are not excluded and dominated by a compromising culture of politics. Government must abandon the politics of making hostile sides, use a non-politics level language, produce politics to alienating others, interfere with ideas of opponents and interfere with the people's living spaces. All politicians must seek political consensus. In addition to these, we must rise the intellectual quality of Turkish soldiers up to world standards.

The prescription may seem very simple, but its implementation has serious challenges for the current government and opposition. Moreover, many politicians know that this is the prescription and they know even better prescriptions than what I wrote. As citizens, our expectation from the Yenikapı Spirit, which was formed after the coup, was that the normalization was realized by all politicians and that the nation was completely recovered from the coup d'etat by meeting in common ground.

The point we come up with can only be summed up as frustration.

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